“There’s a special group of people that can be called citizens of the world. Rick Udler is one of them. The guitarist knows how to extract superb musical lessons from the places he’s been.”
— Guitar Player Magazine/Brazilian Edition
“It’s something of a commonplace to say that a given artist has a foot in two different cultures—but in Rick Udler’s case, it’s actually true. He has lived for long stretches of time in both the U.S. and Brazil. You could even say he could even claim to three, four or maybe five different cultures, since he was actually born in Chile—to Argentine parents of Eastern European extraction. Having talked to him about his roots, I’m pretty sure he would only lay claim to the U.S. and Brazil as his spiritual homes. But then again, his musical colleague Brazilian artist Ulisses Rocha is not unjustified in saying that he hears in Rick’s music, “the music of the world.”
— Gregor von Kallahann
Taken in Santiago Chile

Rick Udler has performed and recorded with some of Brazil's finest musicians such as Maria Alvim, Joao Parahyba, Bocato and Toninho Pinheiro. His compositions include collaborations with Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, one of Brazil's most admired and prolific lyricists. He was also the producer of legendary Bossa Nova guitarist Paulinho Nogueira's Reflexoes CD.

Rhythm & Romance, with singer Maria Alvim was awarded "Best Debut Album" in the USA by nationally syndicated radio program, The Sounds of Brazil.

Rick's first entirely instrumental CD, Papaya, has received unanimous praise from the Brazilian and international press. The Brazilian Sound for Fingerstyle Guitar, a DVD lesson taught by Rick was released in the USA and Europe in 2009.

He has been performing with Sampa Blue since 2011 as well as with the Maria Alvim & Rick Udler duo.

In 2013 and 2015, Rick did solo tours of the USA & Canada as well as giving Brazilian Guitar Workshops at American universities such as Georgia State University, McNally Smith College of Music and Bellarmine University.  

Currently, Rick has been touring in Brazil, Chile & in the USA. He lives in Sāo Paulo, Brazil and has also resided in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Miami, all of which have left their indelible mark on his music.

“...it seems as if the music sprouts straight from the soul”
— Estado de Minas
“When I listen to his music, I hear the music of the world.”
— Ulisses Rocha
“Rick Udler is brilliant. His compositions and execution leave the listener in a state of grace.”
— Jorge Fernando dos Santos
“...spiritual heir to Paulinho Nogueira and Baden Powell...memorable compositions. Rick Udler lets us know that Brazilian music is going strong beyond it’s official boundaries and is no longer our (Brazilian) property, like jazz, it belongs to the world.”
— Digestivo Cultural
“With clean, precise and swinging phrasing, he condenses the Baden Powell and Paulinho Nogueira traditions of playing with his blues and jazz roots.”
— Violão Pro
“...At times his style is reminiscent of Earl Klugh’s best solo work, at times the sweetness of Paulinho Nogueira and there are even touches of Villa-Lobos.”
— Acústico
“...guitarist Rick Udler echoes the best of the bossa nova/solo jazz guitar sound as played on nylon string classical”
— 20th Century Guitar
“It is new and exciting acoustic guitar music. Rick’s composing style is captivating, elaborate and yet unpretentious. He is able to emulate the masters (Baden Powell, Paulinho Nogueira and others) without falling into the traps of copying them. He is original and fresh.”
— Música Brasileira from A–Z
“…Udler, when he plays his guitar, reveals that his musical background is as instigating as his personal heritage. His touch is heir to the delicacy of Paulinho Nogueira (1927-2003) and the Afro-percussion sounds of Baden Powell (1937-2000), his most distinct influences.”
— Carta Capital
“In jazz circles, Udler is hailed as a compositional wizard, but there’s an effervescence to his playing that transcends egghead considerations. Perhaps it’s his years performing in areas such as Miami and New Orleans, where jazz is played for the body and not the mind, but Udler easily bridges the intellectual and the carnal with his sensuous compositional touch.”
— Metro Santa Cruz (California)
“If Stan Getz was the first notable jazzman to incorporate Brazilian style, Rick Udler - 40 years later - returns the favor: his music is thoroughly São Paulo but with a healthy infusion of blues, jazz, funk and ragtime.”
— Lansing State Journal
“This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Rick Udler in concert (New York) and meeting him. It was an excellent show; few times have I seen a performer so at ease onstage and who communicates so directly and effortlessly with the audience.”
— Brazilian Guitar Forum